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Grant Guidelines

The Clay Center Community Improvement Foundation is committed to supporting programs and services that improve the community, for example, but not limited to; beautification efforts, recreational improvements and projects that address the safety and security of the community as a whole.

General Policies that guide the Foundation Board of Directors in making grants:
  1. Funding is limited to projects that carry out the above stated objectives of the Foundation.
  2. Funding generally is not available as grant to individuals or for general operating expenses of established organizations.
  3. Amounts to be awarded will be determined each year depending on the availability of funds.

Application Procedures

Proposals for funding should include:
  1. A summary - a brief summary of the project, its significance and cost.
  2. Project significance - to explain the importance, relevance and number of people to be served by the project.
  3. Statement of objective - to clearly, concisely and completely define the specific project objective and anticipated outcomes and accomplishments of the project.
  4. Description of procedures - methods or activities to accomplish the objectives, outcomes and accomplishments of the project.
  5. Budget and timetable - for the project should include both the funds requested from the Foundation and funds available from other sources for the project. An anticipated completion date should be included. If the project is expected to operate beyond the period for which funds are requested, describe plans for continued support.
  6. Personnel and applicant organization - information to explain qualifications of the applicant to implement the project.
  7. A final report to the Foundation will be required after the completion of the project.

Please submit this information anytime via USPS or email. We will respond within 30 days.
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